Tutor Swap

I found today’s tutor swap really useful, to get different/new opinions on my work, and also because we did the session in a different way that made me think about things relating to my work that I hadn’t before. It made me question what I was doing and know where to take my work next.

We looked at a text by Emma Cocker on ‘Tactics from the unknown: Preparing for the unexpected’. Which is about how as artists we deal with not knowing what we’re doing with our work. Then we were encouraged to think more about how and why we work rather than just the obvious visual and critical aspect of our work.

I talked about how I started by looking at documentary, and that I have an interest in people, what they do, where they do it and I’d like whatever I do to be truthful to what they are. Maybe I may make a social statement. Themes in my work are identity, personal space, spaces in which people spend time, and I did want to look at communities and these spaces.

I also showed my prints – a set of photographs from Sneinton Market in the first week and my most recent set of my dad in his ‘personal space’.

It was pointed out that my photos don’t really contain people, which is obvious but this turned into more questions being raised on if I actually want to photograph people, or their spaces.

I was also advised away from using the word Documentary to describe what I’m doing, as the garage photographs are more of a ‘portrait of that person’ (my dad) which is true. And that I shouldn’t put it in this genre as its too confined and doesn’t really do the work justice.

Other points on my work:
– Who’s personal spaces would I be photographing?
– My work based on personal spaces seems to be about the persons interaction with the place (also useful to think about how we adjust the space/ make it ours, and what the space does for us)
– Do you have to get to know someone before photographing their personal spaces? As you would if you were photographing communities etc.?
– Stepping back rather than going in and photographing certain items, I should look at how things/objects in the space interact within the frame.
– Came to the realisation that I work by seeing things and thinking that object would make a good photo.
– It was also recommended that I should research more on what people have wrote about personal spaces, everyday spaces etc. Rather than looking just at photographers for research.