Alec Soth

‘Sleeping by the Mississippi’

Soth’s work evolved from a series of road trips along the Mississippi River, it captures Americas iconic yet oft-neglected third coast. The photographs show individuals, landscapes and interiors.

““Soth alludes to illness, procreation, race, crime, learning, art, music, death, religion, redemption,politics, and cheap sex”

“Sleeping by the Mississippi merges a documentary style with a poetic sensibility.” (Steidl)

“When I began this project, it actually had nothing to do with the river. It was originally titled ‘From Here To There’. The idea was that one picture would lead to the next. I might photograph a chicken, then a short order cook making eggs, and so on. While making these pictures, I made a trip down the Mississippi. I began to think that the river itself could function as a metaphor for that kind of wondering.”

Soth doesn’t see his work as a social document, he suggests that it’s more internal and dream-like.

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Chris Garvi

‘I will walk along the Huveaune’

Garvi’s work is based along the river Huveane, which runs close to Garvi’s home in the south of France.

Garvi talks about the project – “I want to photograph the passage of man, his intervention and the changes these interventions operate on the environment …I want to see what it is to live along this river, so vital but so fragile. I chose to photograph the people I meet along the way : let the chance take its course, the magic of a portrait like lilies on the surface of the water.!

‘Beyond the factual and economic role of the river along the valley, it is the possibility of a poetic journey that attracted me…and this crazy plan they have in mind to cover up the river as it enters the city of Marseille ! “I will walk along the Huveaune” is a reaction to that plan.’ Chris Garvi (

Garvi’s work was inspired by Alec Soth’s ‘Sleeping by the Mississippi’ work, after he’d seen Soth’s book, I’m also going to look at this work.

Chris Garvi 2Chris Garvi 1  Chris Garvi

Clare Richardson

“Beyond The Forest”

Beyond The Forest is a set of photographs that describes a place and it’s people, this place being the remote ‘Saxon Villages’ of Transylvania, in central Romania. Richardson has a fascination for small ‘close-knit’ communities which are firmly rooted in tradition, which is exactly what this community is. The people thee are believed to be the descendants of the children bedeviled by the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

“The exquisite pictures, fluctuating lyrically between formal portraiture and landscape studies, punctuated with astute documentary moments, capture the very essence of this indelible and disturbing fairytale.”

“All of my pictures are about people who have a sense of place – people who belong in one place, and have a strong relationship with the place where they live.” – Richardson

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