Susan Copich

‘I dwell in the dark thoughts and recesses of my mind to create character and subject, in order to project them into a frozen moment of time, allowing the story to continue to unfold bilaterally for the viewer,’

‘I feel a certain freedom to live vicariously through these characters to engage, seek to navigate (and, no less, avoid), both my own personal imperatives as woman, artist, mother, and wife, as well as those – personal, social and cultural – that are imposed on me by others.’

‘While many of the images draw on Susan’s personal thoughts and feelings, a number also highlight current issues and problems within society. For example, ‘Toy’ features three young girls playing with a handgun, an image which Susan says is a comment on the ease with which young people are able to access weapons.’

Susan Copich 2 Susan Copich 3 Susan Copich 4 Susan Copich


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