Project thoughts and plans 16.04.15

Since the mid-year portfolio deadline I’ve continued to work with drama groups, mainly to be in there and get to know them and observe. I’ve taken photographs at each session and whilst the photographs all still have distracting and not great backgrounds, the photographs have allowed me to attempt to figure out where to take the project and what needs changing. I have also since photographed an actual staged dress rehearsal as I thought that the actual stage background may work better. From this I found that technically the photographs are a great improvement, with the stage lighting making a big difference, but for this particular performance the background isn’t really visually the most pleasing. I decided to edit these photographs by removing the background and just having the figures on plain black, I feel that this is definitely an improvement and positive development from my previous work, but now I think that I need to develop this further to step away from the photographs looking like a standard theatre image. Despite this, I am going to continue photographing groups in their found environment, to build up a relationship with these groups, and also photograph their dress rehearsals on stage, to see if those ones work out any better; but I need to do more research and photographing to really develop my work in to the outcome I want.

I want to think more closely about the idea of quasi-staged moments, and the idea of the fourth/fifth wall and how this relates to my work. The fourth wall is the thin line that exists between a story and reality, my photographs may be the equivalent of this or may experiment with this notion. I plan to take people into more natural, everyday environments and explore the idea of people performing to a role in these seemingly ordinary situations. Overall the image within the frame needs careful consideration.

I also want to continue to think about how a figure’s appearance can influence the image’s persuasive representation of a particular state, such as them being engrossed in their activity.


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