04/02/14 – Project diary

Since the session on friday I’ve been in contact with a few more groups to try and gain access to photograph them in their rehearsals/classes. I wanted to aim at a younger age range this time as I think this would be interesting, especially in comparison to the adult group that I’ve already arranged with. One of the groups, a 11-18 year old theatre group, have agreed very happily for me to start working with them which sounds great.

I’ve also been trying to do more research for my work, so I have started to read several of the books I have got from the library on acting, gestures, performance and documenting this.
I’ve already read part of ‘Acting Emotions’ – Elly Kinjn, ‘Liveness’ – Philip Auslander, and ‘Theatre of movement and gesture’ – Jacques Lecoq. Which have all been useful.

Although I want to start photographing to work out actual ideas of how to capture my ideas, I’ve been thinking about possible ways in which I could develop my ideas into a better form, this includes creating diptychs of the actors/actresses as ‘themselves’ and then their character alongside, to illustrate the crossing of boundaries between the individuals emotions/ physical presence when they change roles. Although I’m not yet sure how much of this could come across in the actual photographs so I may experiment with this idea at some point.
I was also thinking of the idea of using moving image, but taking away the sound to focus purely on the gestures of the performer. I’ve never used moving image before so this could be something to consider experimenting with.

The idea that I will be focusing on to begin with will be most likely just still images of the groups acting together, without any interference from myself, as a basis for investigating how people perform.


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