Tutor Swap

Today’s tutor swap was helpful in that it highlighted the problems in the work that I’ve done so far but also helped me to develop my ideas.

A big point that came across is that my idea needs to be more concise to what I’m actually going to be photographing. As well as this I need to think more about how my ideas are actually going to be shown through my photographs, as by looking at my photographs alone (when taken), without reading text about them there will be no indication as to what I’m actually trying to achieve and how would photographing the actors actually show us the relationship between them and their characters; my work may not actually portray this difference in the character and themselves. I need to think more about how to achieve this.
There are other factors to consider such as will I be photographing them without interfering, which was my intention, rather than staging a portrait of them. I need to make myself almost invisible to them so that they don’t change their actions specifically for the camera. I need to ensure that my work doesn’t resemble the typical ‘theatre style’ photographs you would see purely as a document of the performance, it needs more depth.

Initially it was discussed how everyday life can be seen as a performance, so why am I focusing on dramatic performance, this is more clear when I distinguish that the people I plan on photographing play characters that are very different either physically or in personality to themselves, so my work would be focusing on the very much dramatic/ large change in character rather than the way we may change ourselves slightly due to everyday situations.

It’s clear that Wendy McMurdo’s work is going to stay as a big influence in my work. What makes her work interesting is the fact that she uses children as her subjects; children doing drama is an intriguing concept in itself as how they act differs from adults and children may base their actions more on what they see and copy. I’d still like to photograph children acting for my work, but I will have to see if I can gain access to any youth drama. The last enquiry into this was unsuccessful due to the task of gaining permission.

As I usually find that my work develops into ideas as I take photographs, I want to start photographing asap to figure out more precisely what I’m actually doing. I also need to think about the lighting and background of the place, as this may effect the technicalities of my work.


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