Clare Strand

‘Gone astray’

Clare Strand, Gone Astray 1 Clare Strand, Gone Astray 2 Clare Strand, Gone Astray 3 Clare Strand, Gone Astray 4 Clare Strand, Gone Astray 5 Clare Strand, Gone Astray 6

“As an artist in residence in 2002, Strand created ‘Gone Astray’ a project inspired by Clerkenwell, the southern most part of the London Borough of Islington where Dickens set scenes for Oliver Twist. To represent this historically rich area, she wrote a series of fragmented stories and constructed a cryptic narrative read by her and Gordon McDonald, her partner, to accompany portraits she took of distressed, damaged and disheveled subjects (such as a pretty office worker with a conspicuous run in her tights) standing against backdrops decorated with Arcadian landscapes. She writes, ‘”Gone Astray” is the product of research looking at City commentators from Baudelaire to Jarvis Cocker as well as being a personal diary of observation and experience.”

“On show in the Museum Folkwang exhibition will be, among others, the two-part series Gone
Astray (Portraits and Details), the title of which is taken from Charles Dickens’ “Household
Words”. In the first part of the work town-dwellers are posed in front of a painted nature backdrop
that recalls the 19th century. The second part consists of eight night shots. Each photograph shows
mysterious scene presented by Clare Strand or her partner. To the entire series are assigned texts –
of two or four lines. This passages allow the viewer to relate to the photograph. However, Strand
places image and text, reading and looking as levels of perception next to one another, without
linking the two. The work illustrates the photographer’s preference for the uncertainty and
ambiguity of photographic images. Each images of this series promote different associations and
suppositions. It is not one story which is told; rather, many are imaginable.”


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