Having handed my dissertation in and am now able to focus all of my time on visual practice work, I’m rethinking my ideas for my work as I’m not happy with how my work went last term. I want to go down 2 project routes whilst I get started as I’m not sure how they will turn out.

One of my ideas, which I have already arranged, is to spend weekly rehearsal sessions with a local drama group and photograph their progress until their performance in April. I have been reading critical texts based on performance and the documenting of this which is interesting; such as the difference between the actual performance and what the photographs show, as photographs are all visual and muted, and also the archiving of performances. I’m also interested in capturing the body language and facial expressions of the actors, as well as looking at the actors compared to the characters that they portray in the play. This could be quite interesting as the director told me how some of them are playing characters much older than themselves and also have very different personalities in ‘real life’ to their characters. I’m yet to take photographs so I will do this and see if it develops well.

Other ideas/last term ideas
I’m also still interested in the work of the photographers I looked at throughout last term, which all have a documentary kind of style. Therefore I’m going to try and do work based on this too as an alternative; as I don’t know how the drama photographs will turn out and can’t start that until next week.I still like the idea of photographing people in their environments, I think it would be interesting to have a collection of photographs, each being a singular photograph of one person/one group and then the rest being different people. But I also still like the idea of documenting a place and then all of the people that spend time there – or a journey capturing people along the way. I would have to think about where these places would be.


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