22.10.14 Update

-I visited the Hyson Green area today to suss the local area, gain a better understanding of the surroundings as I haven’t spent much time there in the past, and think about the approach that I could take in photographing in a community such as this one. I think that the very diverse area is an amazing thing to see visually. I thought about what I could actually take photographs of if I choose to base my work there and I think it would have to involve the array of shops in the area as this would be a way of me accessing the people of the area and these are what seem to be the main focal point of the area. There was also a weekly market on which could also be interesting. I didn’t take any photographs as I think for this kind of work time has to be taken to properly figure out what I want to do rather than just approach people without knowing fully what style I want to achieve.

-I also emailed Max yesterday to ask about information on the work that he is doing on communities, which I was recommended to do when I said I was thinking about looking at communities in the Hyson Green area of Nottingham. He has emailed back telling me that he’s doing work based in Lenton in Nottingham, and looking at many aspects of the area that deal with all aspects of life from community, regeneration, faith, landmarks, the boarders of Lenton, people. This would be good as a starting point for me to begin working on photographs where I have access to people and places.


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