Research so far

In the past few weeks I have researched an array of photographers, all relating to my original ideas but with differing styles of work and subjects. From this I haven’t pinpointed one particular route that I want to take this year, but I want to spend the first term experimenting with a few different sides of documentary photography. Communities of people, both in a large and small scale, such as Hussians work on areas of Birmingham, or Ereaux’s work on residents of one residential home. Individual people and their belongings/hobbies, for example Sohier’s work, and maybe even the journey style work of Soth and Garvi, depending on my accessible locations. I think if i spend each week doing a different set of images, then I can see where this leads and which style I want to pursue after Christmas and when I start refining my ideas to focus more on my portfolio and degree show. I will continue researching photographers as a basis and inspiration for what I’m doing.


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