‘Dalliendorf’ is a small village in the north east of Germany, where Tubke lived when he was a child. He returned here as a photography student, little had changed from when he was younger and returning brought emotions from his past relationship with the place with new present emotions. He took photographs as a way of marking this dual experience. There’s a level of detachment in the way in which he chose to present the village and, in particular, the portrayal of the villagers. The approach acknowledges his position as a photographer revisiting Dalliendorf.


What drew me to these particular images is the lack of people yet these are the spaces which people spend their time in and have been created by them, therefore are very personal environments. The photos are part of a series that also includes portraits and landscapes. I find this mixture works really well within a series of images.

1931 1933 1935 1937 1939 1940 1941 1942 1944 1946

His portraits and landscapes from the Dalliendorf series

1910 1912 1914



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