Plans for this term

Social documentary photography – the recording of humans in their natural condition with a camera.

In the first term of year 3 I plan to experiment quite a lot with social documentary of people and places. I’m interested in photographing people along with objects and environments in which they spend time; the relationship between a person and their environment in which they live or work in on a daily basis. I also want to think about communities and identities and how I could photograph these things; and where I could begin finding these people to photograph.

My time is split between Nottingham and my hometown in Yorkshire, two areas with different types of communities. I may start by photographing in both places in this first term and just keep exploring different subjects. I’ve been out today and walked around an area in Nottingham close to where I’m living and immediately saw many interesting photo opportunities just with the buildings that exist there. I plan to walk around again but with my camera and see what I can get.


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